Founder’s Message

Message from the founder

Dr.Ulaganathan, MBBS

“You would be the fastest one in gathering knowledge, only if you are perfect in knowing the specific properties of everyone and everything.

Lambda moves on to the future and create an awareness that Medical entrance exams has nothing to do with doctors of the past.

It is more focused on futuristic and practical approach to learning your subjects to the core, to gain an in depth knowledge of every science possible.

Introducing you to Lambda Career Institute, the first ever prestigious institution in the country and overseas exclusively for the genNext in Medical Research with the magic touch of Technology.

The only institute to bring in a practical approach to learning with a highly professional team of Scientists, Doctors, Engineers and Socialists, who impart skill based learning rather than spoon feeding just the theory.

To understanding the competitive surge of generation, we invite you to experience the core advantage of being nurtured by the professionals from various streams, practically involved in the noble task of educating the generation next.

The dynamic organization of creative, mind boggling inputs for a perfect study material exclusively prepared for learners at all levels.

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