Top 8 tips for Competitive Exam

Competitive exams implicitly known as talent search exams are conducted after high school education to analyze student’s academic competence in different subjects. These exams are gateway to their further education plans. Considering lakhs of students attending the competitive exams, a typical strategy is essential to clear the competitive exam and get into dream institutions.

School Level Competitive Exams in India are conducted to test the academic concepts students had gained during their school education. Entrance exams for Medical, Engineering and Law streams test the aptitude and logical ability as well. A strategic preparation is required to succeed in competitive exams.

Aim right:

Focus on competitive exam of similar syllabus and prepare for it. Go through topics one by one based on the syllabus to make the procedure easy and smooth.

Go through the syllabus:

It is the most important and basic thing to do. By the thorough understanding of syllabus preparation can be head started point by point. This will be helpful in planning to complete all essential part of syllabus and to frame questions.

Focus on weaker part:

Study the weaker part well in advance with fresh mind or get yourself guided by expert. While studying learn difficult topic first and then go to the easy one because learning difficult topics consumes more time.

This will help in overcoming difficulties so that you can easily cope up and gain confidence. Revise the topic again and again without hesitation.

Never neglect your health:

Apart from studying candidates should focus on their health as well. Maintain a proper balanced diet which includes fresh fruits, green vegetables, meat, egg and every other essential nutrition. Avoid unhealthy foods and junk snacks.

Prepare study material:

Prepare your own study material from many preparatory materials available in the market. Also try to solve more and more mock test papers, solving previous year question papers will give ideas about question type and pattern to be expected.


The most important thing is concentration & focus. Stay away from distractions and time wasters

Acquire guidance from experts:

At self paced learning mode, joining a coaching institute will keep you at right pace on right time. Else prepare a schedule and stick to it. Enroll in test series to measure your progression. Or take guidance from seniors who have already cracked the exam.

Stay Positive:

Lots of preparation, discussion and mock tests either make you or break you. Think positive and keep trying till you succeed. While nearing exam prepare yourself smart with all requirements. Avoid last minute nervous moments.

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